Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tool # 8

Having taught art for 13 years here at NHS I was intrigued by the drawing tablet. I remember when they first came out, sometimes they worked and sometimes they didn't. Now they are amazing, they are in tune with Photoshop and it sounds like the possibilities are endless. I know I will be down in the art rooms testing out the drawing tablets. The students should love these. They are expensive so management will be especially important. Just keeping track of the stylus will be a challenge. I presume some sort of check out, check in procedure will be necessary to keep up with the stylus.  Good luck art teachers.
I love, love, love the ipad. It is light, portable and has so much potential it is astounding. More and more educational apps are being written every day...I see huge potential for Math, Art, English, Social Studies.
There are dictionaries, it is also an e-reader, many of the classics are free downloads.
Eventually, students will have tablets and no books, we are on the precipice of huge changes in education.

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