Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tool # 3 Embedding Videos

I went to 3 different video sources and embedded the videos, "The One Minute Painting", "Color Schemes", and "Elements of Art". I enjoyed searching for the videos I wanted. Each source requires a different approach to embed. You Tube was the easiest to use and has the most videos. I enjoyed this and was happy I did it, but really had a hard time with a couple of the videos. I would embed them and then they would not show up on the blog. Then I went away, came back and there they were. Go figure. Now all videos seem to be behaving just fine. Earlier in the year I tried to embed a video into my flip chart, but had no success, not sure what I was doing wrong. I am familiar with copyright for the classroom, so I was not that surprised by anything I read. I set up an account of dropbox. I think this is a great idea, especially for people that have a lot of different devices to keep track of.

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